Tisteron Ltd. was established in 2007 as a privately owned company and has developed its own technology for adult incontinence.

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What is PotecTwo?

PotecTwo, an adult incontinence product, provides a secure and discrete solution with maximum absorbency. The cutting edge technology behind the solution includes a body adhesive that sticks to undergarments for protection that turns liquid waste into a gel thereby providing a cleaner and more comfortable solution to adult incontinence.
PotecTwo was developed by Tisteron Ltd and is its sole property. The technological solution for adult incontinence is patented in the United States and Mexico and pending approval in many other countries. View approved and pending patents.

What is the technology behind PotecTwo?

PotecTwo is able to absorb up to 500 ml in liquid waste so that the wearer can feel secure, protected and clean. The device is a disposable, flexible, impervious NW fabric container with a high-capacity absorbent layer which turns waste liquids into a gel up to 500 ml/device) and which is leak-proof. It has an anatomically designed aperture which can be fitted onto the user’s discharge openings as required. It is easily removable and a new one can conveniently be attached regardless of where a person might be. It uses a very gentle adhesive gasket and is supported by the user’s underwear.

Ron Chen, Inventor, Founder and CEO

As the inventor, founder and CEO of PotecTwo, Ron Chen has developed, published and brought to market several innovative patents. An experienced senior manager and visionary leader, his previous positions include CEO of Netanya Science Center and CEO of Innovative Patents Ltd. He holds a Life Sciences Degree and Executive LL.M. in Commercial Law. He has developed several patents into successful business opportunities.

Product Benefits

PotecTwo and Its Benefits

Tisteron Ltd.’s product offers individuals suffering from incontinence a simple to use device that provides them with freedom of movement and enables discreet usage of the device, restoring their general feeling of well-being and raising their self-confidence thereby improving their quality of life.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Small yet able to absorb a large quantity of waste liquid (up to 500 ml)
  • Easily carried around
  • Users always feel secure and protected
  • Environmentally advantageous
  • Can be easily and conveniently replaced by the user
  • Its small ¾ dimensions ensure that its use is not noticeable by others
  • No contact between the user’s skin and the absorbent material
  • Odor free solution
  • Gentle and smooth fabric
  • Easy solution for daily use
  • A hydrogel adhesive gasket which is strong and at the same time soft and gentle
  • Eliminates leakage and enables easy attachment
  • Even when full, the user can be confident that the device is not noticeable
  • The user’s freedom of movement is not impaired
  • Satisfaction experienced by users

Tisteron Ltd offers cutting edge patented technology. There is currently a fully functional prototype. For more information and investment opportunities please contact us.

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The Adult Incontinence Market

With an increasing number of aging people including a large population of baby boomers who are now aging, the adult incontinence market is increasing. There are over 2 billion people worldwide who are over 60 years of age and their numbers increase annually.

Over 180 million people who are over 60 years of age living in Europe, the U.S. and Canada more than 100 million suffer from incontinence issues. Before 2015, approximately 40 billion body-worn adult incontinence products will be used. With the present worldwide incontinence market exceeding 8 billion USD per year it is expected to continue growing increasingly every year.

Today, these millions of people suffer from a variety of incontinence symptoms that require a solution to make life easier, situations less embarrassing and more comfortable.

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The proposed solution

PotecTwo’s advanced and patented technology provides a solution for any adult suffering from adult incontinence. The PotecTwo has been tested and comfortably adapted by active adults who suffer from incontinence as well as bedridden and wheelchair ridden individuals. The present incontinence market is the prime target for the PotecTwo market.


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