Drive the Light

Drive the Light Ltd. is a company of note in the field of renewable energy. The company’s recent development, Bumper-On, is a dynamic speed bump which generates electricity with every vehicle passage.


Bumper-On is a flexible speed bump that protrudes slightly above the surface of the road. When a vehicle drives over it, it is pressed down and then straightens out, activating the power generating system hidden beneath. The system is located inside a special box that protects it from hazards, temperature changes and precipitation.

By harnessing the movement of vehicles to produce electricity, Bumper-On makes use of a readily available and existing resource. In addition to its primary objective – production of renewable energy, it serves as a normal speed bump for all intents and purposes, with several advantages unique only to Bumper-On:

  • Bumper-On is the speed bump you want in your own community. Thanks to its distinct advantages, when a driver approaches it at an excessive speed, it stiffens and functions like an ordinary speed bump would. When a driver obeys the traffic laws, Bumper-On becomes flexible and is barely noticeable.
  • Thanks to its flexibility, the Sleepy Bumper can be installed on major highways with heavy traffic. During rush hours and peak traffic, the Sleepy Bumper is activated and when the traffic abates, its levels out with the surface of the road to allow traffic to flow quickly and freely without slowing.
  • Bumper-On will be adjusted for integration with railroad lines with the railcars pressing down on the speed bumps with a weight of 120-130 tons, as opposed to the mere 3 tons exerted by a private vehicle.
  • In this process, the potential energy is turned into electrical energy.

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Drive the Light was founded in 2007 by Ron Chen, inventor and patent expert.

Bumper-On is a registered and approved patent in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Israel and Mexico and additional applications are undergoing the approval process around the world.

Many countries have introduced incentives for the development of renewable energy technologies, and in Britain alone this sector is responsible for approximately fifteen percent of energy production. The aim in the United States is to apply renewable energy to approximately twenty to twenty five percent of the market.

Every year, an increasing number of ventures call for investments in renewable energy, in both the public and business sectors. This is one of the most pressing issues presenting a real and urgent need for smart, tried and tested solutions, with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, in many countries, power companies are required by law to purchase green technologies, at even a higher price than the price the end customer is charged with, with the objective of encouraging the use of green electricity.

This is an opportunity to join the success by making a solid investment in Bumper-On, a real opportunity to enjoy passive income and a long-term minimum-risk return.


Tisteron Ltd. is transforming the arena of personal hygiene. The company offers a revolutionary product for the discrete and accident-free collection and disposal of adult incontinence waste.

ProtecTwo is a pouch -shaped hygiene product made from soft, sealed materials with exceptional absorbency. The pouch is attached to the user’s anatomical outlets with a unique, non-irritant adhesive gasket, and collects all the waste with maximum wearing comfort and no risk of leakage.

ProtecTwo has a number of distinctive advantages differentiating it from the other adult absorbency products on the market:

  • Contains active liquid locking gel, capable of locking up to 500 ml of liquid. The gel locks the liquid and neutralizes odors ensuring a dry, confident feeling.
  • The only product designed to separate urine and feces, which challenges the widespread forms of protection - diapers or pads. Treating each type of waste separately maintains a maximum level of hygiene, reduces changing frequency and allows greater freedom of movement.
  • Reduces bodily contact with the waste to the bare minimum.
  • Five times smaller than the size of the average diaper.
  • Can be changed quickly anywhere.
  • Maintains the users’ quality of life and their ability to be active and spontaneous.
  • Increases confidence and self-respect.


Join the success by making a solid investment in Tisteron

Tisteron was founded in 2007 by Ron Chen, an inventor and patent expert.

ProtecTwo is a registered and approved patent in Israel, the United States, Australia, Mexico and Canada, and patent applications have also been filed in Europe (PCT), Hong Kong and Brazil.

The adult hygiene market is growing at a dizzying pace thanks increasing  life expectancy

In Europe and North America over 100 million adults use absorbent hygiene products and in the United States alone, this market is worth more than eight billion dollars.

These numbers are constantly on the rise as is the need for available and effective solutions, which negate confusion about this issue.

This is a chance to join the success by making a solid investment in Tisteron, a real opportunity to enjoy passive income with long-term minimum-risk return.