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Here’s how the investment takes place:

1. Give us your details

Innovative Patents invites you to make a solid investment in one of its subsidiaries.

2. We’ll set up a meeting

Innovative Patents has faith in its startups and in the human capital leading them. During the meeting, we will present our advantages and achievements and the market potential.

3. You are a partner

Innovative Patents is committed to its investors, and offers them a variety of attractive and flexible terms, so that the commitment is all ours!

Why invest with us?

  • A risk-free venture capital company
  • Registered patents around the world
  • Promissory note option
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • Markets on the rise

A solid Israeli Investment

Welcome to Innovative Patents

Innovative Patents Ltd. is the place to be for anyone looking for a solid, minimum-risk investment, yielding long-term returns.

Israeli startup investments are in high demand both in the local and international arenas and Innovative Patents was founded to connect promising technological startups with investors looking for a safe investments.