Bumper-On© was founded with the environmentally and economically efficient vision of providing locally produced green energy.

About us

Bumper-On© was founded with the environmentally and economically efficient vision of providing locally produced green energy. Clean energy technology is moving steadily into mainstream business to become the next engine of economic growth and Bumper-On© harnesses a resourceful energy source.

How we got our name?

Bumper-On©, a proprietary and innovative solution, generates clean electricity from vehicles as it passes over nearly invisible road bumps.

Innovative Patents Ltd.

Innovative Patents Ltd is a privately owned company that was founded in 2006 by Ron Chen with a focus on renewable energy. The company is comprised of highly skilled and experienced executives.

What is green energy?

Green energy, also known as sustainable energy, is the provision of energy without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Bumper-On© technology works on renewable energy sources to create local and international sources of electricity at efficient rates by using the existing source of cars that drive on the road.

Product Benefits

What are some of the benefits that green energy provides?

With high energy prices and emission of fuels and pollution, the Bumper-On© patented technology takes advantage of driving cars to produce alternative electricity sources. Electricity is produced from an existing source as cars pass over small bumps that do not interfere with traffic flow and road travel.

What are some of the advantages of Bumper-On©?

Bumper-On©, provides electricity to light roads at low electricity costs. Bumper-On© can be efficiently installed on crowded highways during rush-hours and requires minimal installation and maintenance. The Self-contained Box “drops” in for installation, easily removed for maintenance & repairs.

Market Potential

The Green Market

Commercializing green energy technologies is in the forefront of today’s world. With increasing energy prices around the globe, individuals, companies and governments are recognizing the need for renewable and alternative energy sources within economical reach.

Many countries have introduced incentives to encourage production of green energy, including subsidizing each KWh generated. In 2009, policy targets existed in at least 73 countries, including 45 countries with feed-in tariffs. In the United States, 18 states have issued rules known as “Renewable Portfolio Standards” as incentives for renewable energy. These require as much as 20% – 25% of the power used in the state in the future to come from clean energy sources.

The UK introduced Renewables Obligation (RO) in 2002 that places an obligation on licensed electricity suppliers to source an increasing proportion of electricity from renewable sources. In 2007, RO reached 6.7% of all electricity generated and is expected to rise to 10.4% by the period 2011-12, and then by 1% annually for the next five years.

Google, the Internet search engine announced a new strategic initiative known as RE

Bumper-On© Market Potential

Bumper-On© provides an ideal solution as the speed bumps take advantage of existing traffic patterns and vehicle use. The patented solution harnesses and creates energy from existing traffic including highways, parking, railroads and more.

There are extremely strong market opportunities for green energy from road traffic. The US alone has over 250 million registered vehicles. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these vehicles drive more than 6 billion miles.

Bumper-On© can add value and benefit by:

  • Built in to existing speed bumps
  • Entrances to large car parking areas
  • Approach entrance to tolls on highway
  • Traffic roundabouts
  • Large truck and warehouse depots
  • City streets with reduced speed limit
  • Railroad tracks approaching train station



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Bumper-On© provides a renewable source of energy

With minimal installation efforts and low maintenance costs, Bumper-On© is an efficient renewable energy source that harnesses energy that would otherwise be wasted. There are a variety of applications for the Bumper-On© patented energy solution.

Road Locations

Bumper-On© is designed to be used in low to medium speed environments and does not interfere with the normal flow of traffic. Bumper-On© can also be installed on highways that are crowded during rush-hours. The system protrudes above the surface when traffic is slow, and flushes with the road surface when traffic is fast moving.

Examples of suitable locations include:

  1. Replacing existing speed bumps on city streets with reduced speed limit
  2. Entrances to service stations and car parks
  3. Approaches to highway toll-booths
  4. Traffic roundabouts
  5. Truck and warehouse depots


In addition to roads, Bumper-On© is ideally suited for use on railroad tracks. With an extremely heavy weight, trains push down on Bumper-On© with 30-120 tons as compared to 3 tons for an average road vehicle, to create local green electricity. Trains always slow down at the same points on the track such as approaches to stations and junctions thereby providing multiple activations per train.

Bumper-On© Go To Market Application

Bumper-On© offers a clear value proposition to all the key stakeholders – investors, city authorities and road operators, with strong economic and environmental benefits.

A short video about the product

About Bumperon

Bumper-On© introduces an unobtrusive solution that harnesses energy that would otherwise be lost. Small bumps on the road are driven over by cars, trucks and trains and produce local low cost energy efficient electricity.

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