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Innovative Patents Ltd. has set itself a goal to promote Israeli patents, nurture the best minds in the country and serve as an incubator for local technological startups prior to their launch and sale. The company serves as the party connecting successful startups with investors seeking solid, recommended Israeli investments.

About Us

Startup companies are a safe investment

Innovative Patents was founded in 2006 by the CEO, Ron Chen. He founded the company with the objective of integrating his two primary occupations - sciences and commercial law.

Over the years, Ron has developed a large number of patents and turned them into successful business opportunities. Under his direction, Innovative Patent currently holds 90% of the shares in both its subsidiaries:

  • Triston Ltd., owner of ProtecTwo, a specialized and breakthrough absorbent device for incontinence care.
  • Drive Light Ltd., owner of Bumper-On - smart speed bumps, which generate clean, alternative energy from vehicular passage.

These two companies grew out of and at the initiative of Innovative Patents. They serve as testimony to the mother company’s vision, which espouses recruiting and placing the best managers, developers and marketers as an integral and driving force.

This aspiration for excellence differentiates Innovative Patents from other companies offering solid investment avenues, thanks to a clear vision of the market, faith in the product and in the human resource, and unwavering loyalty to the protection of investors’ interests.

Join the Success

Innovative Patents invites you to join the success with a worthwhile investment in one of its startups. The continuous burgeoning of Innovative Patents’ tried and tested solutions is evoking excitement in Israel and abroad. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to partake in a great, minimum risk Israeli achievement.

The Company’s Vision

Over the past several years Israel has gradually established itself as a powerhouse of technology, innovation, creative thinking and daring, subjecting it to the keen interest of numerous entities around the world. In many such cases, these startup companies are acquired by interested parties for huge amounts of money.

Innovative Patents is part of that same Israeli dream, which is gradually proving itself accessible and realistic. The company is interested in further establishing Israel as a lead player in the world of business entrepreneurship by developing and nurturing extraordinary business initiatives.

Investing in an Israeli company ensures a steady, low-risk return and a real possibility of generating passive income for investors. The Israeli dream is only one click away.

The Team


Ron has a Bachelor’s of Law Degree from Shaary Mishpat Law School and a Master’s of Law in Commercial Law from Tel Aviv University and Berkley University….



Yoav Nir – Product, Manufacturing and Marketing Consultant


Yoav Nir brings over twenty five years of executive experience in large companies in the field of disposable absorbent products (baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.)

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