A solid investment in startups is a safe investment alternative. On one hand, a solid investment yields a steady and high return, and on the other hand entails minimum risk. Investing in this avenue is more profitable than similar investments in provident funds or even in real estate.

With Innovative Patents these risks are even further reduced: from the moment the subsidiary companies, Triston Ltd. and Drive Light were founded, they were in practice, completely devoid of risk.

A once-in-a-life-time solid investment opportunity!

All of Innovative Patents’ ventures have been extensively tested and by now are registered and approved patents all over the western world, in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Israel.

The company is headed by patent expert and inventor, Ron Chen, who has served as the CEO of the science center in Netanya, holds as a Masters’ Degree in Commercial law from Berkeley-Tel Aviv University, California. Ron navigated Innovative Patents through the testing.

Innovative Patents is offering you a once-in-a-lifetime solid investment in a safe, worthwhile and profitable avenue.

The solid investment the world has been waiting for

Innovative Patents’ startups are unique because they address two of the currently largest and most sought after sectors in the world: personal hygiene (Tisteron) and renewable energy (Bumper-On).

These two sectors have ever-growing markets of consumers: Tisteron – thanks to the natural increase in population and life expectancy, and Bumper-On thanks to the transition to renewable energy and the supportive legislation thereof.

This is your chance to profit from the positive trends, to create a passive income and leverage your equity in a minimum-risk, solid, safe investment, with a steady, long-term return. Contact us today!

Innovative Patents Ltd. is the place to be for anyone looking for a solid, minimum-risk investment yielding long-term returns.

Investing in Israeli startups is in high demand both in local and international arenas and Innovative Patents was founded to create a connection between promising technological startups and investors looking for a safe investment. Join us and take part in the development momentum of the most promising companies in the market.